what size hot tub should i get

In addition, acrylic shells are designed to withstand any type of chemical attack due to the strength of the material. They still need to be level, though. So, the 6-person Makena® hot tub can feel more spacious depending on the people in it. Come visit us at our San Mateo Showroom. They can help guide your search and point out additional features you may not have known you wanted. Get Comfortable in a Tub made for 4-5 Adults. It’s easy to feel lost considering the vast number of hot tubs available in the market. Selecting the Right Size Tub for the Space Available . Are you currently shopping for hot tubs in the Bay Area? Hot tubs loose a lot of heat through the cover and most come 3 inches thick as a standard size. Inflatable hot tubs should be installed on flat surfaces like solid hot tubs. This will allow you to get a good feel for the comfort, size, and design of the hot tub. Typically, spa manufacturers offer three size categories from which to choose in each series: Small Hot Tubs: 2-4 people; Medium Hot Tubs… Deep-water spas are pretty popular these days, but you should make sure the tub isn’t too deep for you. Installation cost depends on hot tub location and size, and complexity of the installation. Home » Blog » What Size Hot Tub Should I Buy? However, if you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the installation area there are several things you should take into consideration before you can answer the question what size hot tub should I buy? Receive the latest offers and sales right in your mailbox! Head Office In general, a larger tub will cost more to run. Read on to find out which size hot tub might be right for you. Hot Tub Placement. The smaller the footwell, the more legs and feet will be crowded together. How much a hot tub should cost. If you have the room for a large hot tub, you might find yourself leaning toward one that seats six or more individuals. 4496 Chesswood Rd Overall size of the hot tub or spa (make sure it will fit where you want it) 6. In general, a square-shaped tub with no loungers and open seating will offer the most interior room. With a larger spa, you won’t have anyone fighting over the best seat — every seat will be comfortable with plenty of legroom. More jets often equals greater luxury – and higher price. Most square hot tubs … Olympic Hot Tub Staff Wades into Hot Tub Seating Options. Four- or five-person hot tubs. If whomever you are buying your tub from doesn't sell thicker covers, search online. The size, seating and electric needs are the biggest factors in narrowing down the perfect hot tub. If you plan on having relatives and friends over or you have a big family then you’ll likely be in the market for something that can hold up to Alternatively, if you have 1 pump for 30 jets, each jet will get a little extra power. Do not only consider the number of seats, but the size of the footwell for your hot tub users. Remember also that people, like hot tubs, vary in size. The hot tub will also need power and water, so should be conveniently located for both. Whether you are looking to create a wellness routine or want to invite a few neighbors over for a soak, Creative Energy has a hot tub option for you! You can sink down however till the water covers most of your chest. If you’re interested in adding a hot tub to your home you’ll need to decide what size is best for your needs. It’s probably safe to say that the most-popular sizes of hot tubs are the seven square feet models and the two-person units. Water features (waterfalls) 6.4. In-ground hot tubs are, of course, dug in. Small hot tubs (with an occupancy of four people or fewer) measure approximately three- to four-feet high and five-feet across and hold about 500-gallons of water. These tubs are perfect for families, parties, and those that like to spread out comfortably. More about Hot Tub Electrical Wiring. Similarly, if you have a 2 seater hot tub, 1 pump and 30 jets will be enough.

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