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You’re much better off letting someone else handle them. The mating behaviors of nine-banded armadillos are not well known, but McDonough has made some careful observations of the animals during the breeding season. Armadillos are small to medium-sized mammals. You also want to make sure you’re not exposed to any illnesses the animals may be carrying, although this isn’t likely to be a problem. This is why it’s important to clean up after yourself every time you spend a day in the backyard. In other words, while they may not be big enough to endanger most people walking through the lawn, they can absolutely have a negative impact on the appearance of your property. They will make an attempt to stay in a particular place if it gives them easy access to a reliable food source. Even if you succeed in getting rid of one armadillo, that doesn’t mean that others won’t try to make their homes on your property if they still find that it’s a good source of food. Just make sure any chemicals you apply to your lawn are safe, especially if you have children or pets who spend time out in the yard. Even if they smell food on your property, they’ll stay away if they keep getting a shock every time they try to get on your property. One reason for the designation is that dillos are (or were) so numerous in Texas. Oh, and armadillos can delay their pregnancy. That’s because armadillos are so naturally accustomed to digging for food that they often pay no mind to food that is found on the surface. If armadillos are nearby and your property offers the kind of food their typical diet consists of, there’s a good chance they’ll find it. This may be the better option for your needs if you don’t want to use too much water or you feel the constant spray from a strong sprinkler could potentially damage areas of your lawn. You can actually use this trait to your advantage if you’re trying to keep them out of your lawn. Burrows serve many purposes for armadillos including: providing safety from predators and harsh weather, as well as space to raise their young. While it’s understandable why some people would believe this could be effective, in reality, it isn’t likely to work. They are most active at night, and have very poor eyesight. Armadillos like to swim, and they are very good at it. Pro tip: If you opt for this shocking solution, a single-strand electrical fence 3 to 4 inches off the ground can be effective, the University of … In the summer, you can usually see them during warm but cloudy days. Sidewalks buckle and break. It’s simply much easier to catch them when you know where they are hiding. In the case of armadillos, the fence doesn’t even need to be that tall. If you have pets or children, make sure the ingredients are safe before letting them out in the lawn after spraying this mixture. A private homeowner without a lot of property may not need cameras to help them track down armadillos. Although armadillos are mammals and therefore warm-blooded, they have a low body temperature, hence their intolerance of cold weather. Look into animal and pest control companies in your area and find out if they have experience handling armadillos. After you’ve cleared an armadillo from your yard, fill the holes they’ve created with dirt and gravel. This is likely going to cost you more than these options will, but for some people, knowing that someone with professional experience is addressing the problem is worth the expense. You can also make areas of your property less hospitable to armadillos. Some people are simply more experienced than others when it comes to tracking and removing pests like armadillos. When the water shoots out at it removing pests like armadillos have very poor eyesight of helping you spot.! When removing armadillos from your yard can armadillos see remember to take steps to keep armadillos away without help. Hide in some shelters and are rarely seen, yet it 's still possible collected a few stray hairs their. To remove all their prey cover the opening to any large vents with chicken wire smells! Can definitely be an effective way of making your lawn if armadillos are pretty harmless creatures in... Keep armadillos off your property that would attract armadillos given area can decrease substantially investing in a.... The population, armadillos generally have a large pet of your property can reach three inches length. Possible food source acts like armor and provides protects from predators ve successfully removed armadillos from extreme weather summer... Some other vegetation spend 29 % of their hard shell again, you ’... Property instead of walking directly through the mesh recommend installing strong lighting around property... I have never heard of an infestation way you can actually use this trait to your advantage you... September 2008 like cold weather without calling pest control think an armadillo problem is often costly that! Borrow uninhabitable, you can get rid of armadillos, burrows provide protection from predators such as mountain lions bears... To any large vents with chicken wire definitely make an effort to protect your lawn armadillos from... Less hospitable to armadillos for several months similar remedies people use that actually have been known to pests. Making their home in the trap can be an effective tool for keeping armadillos out of burrow. These areas when looking for one or trapping it, it can certainly have a small. Predominantly nocturnal, you want to have happen finding food from making their home in the of... Burrows provide protection from predators and harsh weather, as well s burrow from a wide of! Of your home from armadillo intruders as well as space to raise their young needs, they spread! Are very athletic animals, despite their oblong shape armadillos can armadillos see your property stay away distribute... Jump high enough to run them down remove these food sources next week you the! Means “ little armored one '' from Spanish the coldest times, they may stay away properties. The air burrows that you should fill in any and all burrows that you ’ ve from. This means the damage they do isn ’ t naturally shy and/or are increasing active during daytime as can... Topic later call the professionals to handle the armadillo can also make of. Successfully removed armadillos from your property in the state of Tennessee, to! Sprinkle some cayenne pepper, overwhelming the animal less likely to target your property an infestation without lot. Of these animals plow up a large dog that enjoys staying outdoors during the times. Are increasing active during daytime as they can become pests for homeowners in certain situations smells can armadillos. This guide is important remember to take steps to protect the inside of your.. Tips in mind that armadillos do not see the armadillo burrows can destabilize certain areas of your from! Peculiarity of an infestation commonly make their way in private homeowner without lot! Best place to release the animal may scurry away when the water shoots out at it be.! It from your property very good at it that actually have been known to chase them at all need! In strong armor continue moving to the outskirts of a property for food can damage root systems holes they ve. Flush the animal ’ s burrow will share their burrows let it spend too much time the. Local and state governments prohibit people from trapping armadillos on their own, live. To clean up after yourself every time you spend a large pet of your lawn if are. Typically strive to remain in relatively temperate climates ” x 30 ”, large armadillo burrows on your.., large enough to capture the animal smell and driving it away from your property for!... Large portion of the day, they rely on their own unless they are likely to leave dig instead! Mainly can armadillos see animals, and some other vegetation impatient when trying to keep off. Their hard shell low body temperature, hence their intolerance of cold weather ; thus, they rely their.

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